Service for Scientists

Promoting Young Scientists

The support of young scientists is an important focus of the CRC / TR 240. All participating universities have adapted to the needs of young scientists, from the MSc phase to the doctoral and post-doctoral phase.
All PhD students of the CRC / TR 240 will study at the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS, University of Würzburg) or the Graduate Academies (Universities TübingenGreifswald), depending on their location, and conclude according to local graduation conditions. In Würzburg, the doctoral students will form the “platelet program” within the section Biomedicine of the GSLS. In order to benefit from the different research perspectives within the CRC / TR 240, at least one supervisor will be accepted by one of the CRC / TR partners in all committees.

Equality and family-friendly environment

Both universities are committed to promoting gender equality and have taken a number of steps to improve career development for researchers and create a family-friendly work environment.

Here you will find the individual service offers of the locations:


Siegmann, Kerstin