The study center of the Department for Cardiology and Angiology of the University Hospital Tuebingen is responsible for building up a cohort of cardiovascular patients according to our collaborators’ needs including

Screening, identification and enrollment of suitable patients

Drawing of blood samples from identified patients

Biobanking of blood, plasma, serum and platelet isolation

Platelet function (Multiplate®) and flow cytometric sample analysis (FACS Lyric™)

Patient follow-up

From previous cohorts we can also provide

human biologics (plasma, serum)

sectioned or unsectioned paraffin embedded samples

clinical data, miRNA profiles

For questions regarding the current patient cohort or to inquire about possible collaborations or sample analysis and provisioning you can contact us by

e-mail frederic.emschermann@med.uni-tuebingen.de 

or by 

phone +49 7071 29 84115 

or via our office for clinical trials 


+49 7071 29 82719