The Würzburg Platelet Group

We are dedicated to basic, translational and clinical research in the field of platelet and megakaryocyte biology in health and disease. We adopt a highly interdisciplinary approach relying on the combination of mouse genetics, disease models, advanced imaging techniques, systems biology, and clinical research expertise. Our mission is a comprehensive understanding of the platelet-megakaryocyte system in thrombotic, thrombo-inflammatory and malignant disease states with the aim to ultimately develop novel treatment concepts for these disorders.

To address major questions in this emerging research area and to tackle new challenges with outstanding expertise, we are engaged in multiple local, national, and international collaborations.

The core of Würzburg’s platelet research.

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We believe diverse viewpoints are essential to tackling challenging problems with creative and novel solutions – our lab strives to provide an excellent and welcoming environment to improve both our research and our community. 

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