TR 240 – Platelets

Collaborative research center / transregio 240


The aim of the DFG-funded collaborative research center TR 240 is to decipher the complex and insufficiently understood functions of platelets. The scientists hope for new insights that will allow better treatment of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, acute lung failure and cancer. Read More

Scientific infrastructure

The interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Center is subdivided into different research projects and combines molecular genetics, disease models, high-resolution microscopy, in vivo imaging, systems biology and clinical research expertise. Read More

Consultancy Service

The generation of standardized high-quality outputs of different types of patient-oriented studies is one of the main goals within the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Center TR240. To do so, consultancy services within the collaboration are offered by several scientists from different fields of patient-oriented research relevant for the TR240. Read More

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Nieswandt Bernhard
Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Nieswandt, Bernhard
Coordinator, A01, A07, B07
Prof. Dr. med.
Gawaz, Meinrad
Deputy Coordinator, B01