Project area A: Cell biology of megakaryocytes and platelets

A03 – Impact of the irradiated bone marrow niche on platelet biogenesis

While total body irradiation is essential to eradicate malignant cells and to generate niche sites for a donor-derived new haematopoietic system, it also destroys the bone marrow microenvironment. A long lasting low platelet count after irradiation leads to bleedings and clinical problems. We will study the interaction of murine megakaryocytes with the vascular niche by electron and two-photon microscopy and how subendothelial proteins modulate this interaction. Mutual bone marrow transplantations will dissect the key players to improve platelet recovery after irradiation.


Schulze Harald
Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Schulze, Harald
Ergün Süleymann
Prof. Dr. med.
Ergün, Süleyman