Project area B: Platelets als regulators and effectors in disease

B01 – Platelet-dependent inflammation and functional recovery of ischaemic myocardium and brain

Project B01 (Gawaz/Langer) explores the roles of platelet CXCL-chemokines and CXC-receptors on thrombo-inflammation following organ ischemia (heart and brain). Further, the importance of platelet-CXCL/CXCR-axis for recovery of the failing ischemic myocardium using a variety of genetic mouse strains will be elaborated. We will mirror our experimental results with clinical studies of patients with acute myocardial ischemia. The project is aimed to develop novel therapeutic strategies for ischemic organ dysfunction with currently limited treatment options.



Langer Harald
Prof. Dr. med.
Langer, Harald
B01, B04
Prof. Dr. med.
Gawaz, Meinrad
Deputy Coordinator, B01